My Linus Project!

Tasks include:

  • Make a blanket.
  • Research paper on history, purpose, and current status of Linus project.
  • Research paper on Lawrence Kohlberg.
  • Poem about making the blanket.
  • Press release from newspaper.
  • Daily journal.
  • Captioned photos. In a slideshow form.
  • Likert Survey
  • Scrapbook page

Contributions: Filled out Likert surveys(Elizabeth,William,Shelby....)

The Press Relase

My poem on making a Linus blanket

Research paper on the history, purpose, and current status of Linus project

Research paper on Lawrence Kohlberg

Daily Journal

Likert Survey

Likert Surveys

Scrapbook page

Go to view slideshow then
click spacebar to see all pictures!

Linus Project grade essay

Graphic organizer


Optimism speech essay

Graphic organizer


Dear Mrs.Mcfadden
I am not sure why my graphic organizers are not working so I will put them in the purple box.


Optimism speech