Elizabeth playing
Linus and Lucy
By Vince Guaraldi
Arrangement by Dan Coates

Elizabeth's Camera, Videoed by her Mom

This Wiki includes:
1.Report on the Linus Project
2.Lawrence Kohlberg background
3.Poem : "Blanketeering through the Linus Project"
4.Press Release for Newspaper
5.Captioned photos through the experience
6.Linus Cartoons and his role in the Peanuts community
7. Online Scrapbook page of The Linus Project Experience
8. Likert Survey, and Likert Survey Results
9. Contributions

Report on the Linus Project

Lawrence Kohlberg Background Essay

Poem: "Blanketeering through the Linus Project"

Press Release for Newspaper

Captioned Photos of Elizabeth's Blanket Experience

Captioned Photos

Program used: Glogster

Peanuts Cartoons
Peanuts - January 25, 2009
Peanuts - January 25, 2009

Peanuts - December 29, 2008
Peanuts - December 29, 2008

Peanuts - September 21, 2008
Peanuts - September 21, 2008

Peanuts - July 18, 2008
Peanuts - July 18, 2008

Peanuts - July 15, 2008
Peanuts - July 15, 2008


Linus Van Pelt's role in The Peanuts:

Linus Van Pelt, the "peacemaker" of the Peanuts crew, is a valuable member of the Peanuts community. Solving situations and disagreements, Linus is smartest of the gang, though is often not perceived as so since he is in fact, the youngest. When Lucy questions his security blanket, asking: "Don't the other kids laugh at you? (12/29/2009 Peanuts cartoon)", Linus replies in a calm and rational manner. This response displays his stability and confidence: especially in the presence of his security blanket.

Source of "Linus Van Pelt's role in The Peanuts":
^^Not wikipedia. It is a different website.

Symbolism of the blanket:

In the Peanuts cartoon, Linus's blanket acts as a source of comfort and confidence. Like a shadow, his blanket accompanies Linus wherever he goes. Linus thinks of his blanket as his best friend, and a human being. He cares so much for the blanket, worrying that "IT'LL BLEED!! (7/18/08 Peanuts cartoon), therefore treating it with extreme care.
Giving courage to Linus, the blanket also helps him to bear every day situations. Allowing Linus to ignore teasing at school, the blanket transforms him into the "...Count Dracula from Transylvania!..." (7/15/2008 Peanuts cartoon). Responsible for his self-esteem and security throughout the Peanuts cartoon series, Linus would be devastated if without his security blanket.

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Link to Glogster Scrapbook page:
Scrapbook Page

Program used: Glogster

Linus Project Survey

Survey Results:

Summary of Survey Results:

My response to the Survey Results:

Program used for Likert Surveys: Google Documents

Elizabeth's Contributions:
-Introduced "Glogster" to everyone as an option to use for their scrapbook page. 2/10/09
-Assisted Hailey and Catherine to embed documents from their computer into the wikispace 2/9/09
-Added a class picture to the homepage 2/10/09
-Did William, Hailey, Jake, Joseph, Shelby and Christine's Likert Surveys
- Provided a quote for Press Release in the discussion: Tasks

*All pictures with no citation are from Elizabeth's Camera, taken by Elizabeth.