Evans' Linus Tasks:
All my personal Linus Tasks are presented on a powerpoint. Except for my week worth of journals.
Grade Essay Graphic Organizer

Grade Essay:

Linus Project Scrapbook.pptx
My Tasks Include:

Make A Blanket
Create A Scrapbook; Report on The Linus Project
Research the work of Lawrenre Kohlberg
Press Release
Keep weekly journal
Linus mini-biography
Suday, Febuary 8th
I've finally completed the fourth line of my blanket. It seemed to take forever to get to this point.
Monday, Febuary 9th
Today I finished my fifth line on the blanket. I also completed my press release. I can't wait to give my blanket away.
Tuesday, Febuary 10th
I'm working on completeing my screenplay, I feel like its taking forever to get done with. Also, I hope more people would do my Likert Survey.
My stupid dog got his hair all over the blanket and I dont know if I can get it off. But, my mom is determined it will come out in the dryer.
Wednesday, Febuary 11th
Still working on the screenplay and the scrapbook. My mom wont be happy until its all over.
Thursday, Febuary 12th
I thought i might have lost my crochet hook but turns out it was wrapped in my blanket. Its really hard to stay focused, but I know its all for a good cause even the seven deadly task.
Friday, Febuary 13th
Seems like today was ok even ith it being a unlucky day and all, really close to finishing my screenplay. I'm so glad Mrs.McFadden extended the due date.
Saturday, Febuary 14th
I believe my mom is seriously mad, I slacked off today and did not do much of my last and final task. Instead I just went to a friends house and played airsoft. I will do it on sunday, if only I could figure a way to get my "scrapbook" up on the page.
Sunday, Febuary 15th
Finally finished my tasks. I got the screenplay done with ease just hope it goes over good. I really like my scrapbook powerpoint. I am so glad the project is over so i can end all this stress.
My Likert Survey: