How to do Likert Surveys using Google Docs:

If anyone has any questions on how Wiki's work or just general questions about Wiki's this site is VERY helpful.
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See Ms. McFadden for the Google sign-in information.

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Help on likert Surveys
1. Go to gmail,if you did not do it at gmail i can not help you
2. Go to your speadsheet where it shows you the results
3. Click on form
4. Click on Show Summary
5. Graphs and charts will show up
6. copy and paste to your wiki

  • if you have any additional questions ask me on the discusion page under help!!!
Thanks, Hailey

How to set let anyone view results to likert survey without signing in

  1. Sign into your gmail account.
  2. Find "more" on the Google homepage.
  3. Then click documents.
  4. Now click the document that leads to your spread sheet.
  5. Now look at the top right hand corner and find a big blue button that says "Share". Click that.
  6. After you click "share" a bar should scroll down, find "share with the world" and click it.
  7. A box should pop up that says "Privacy"
  8. Find the option that says "Let people view without signing in." Click that and then press save
  9. Now people can view your results via the link from the spread sheet page.

Hopes this helps although I doubt that anyone will use and or need it. - Justin