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My Survey:
The symbolism of the blanket can be interpreted many ways, but I feel that this comic's dialog shows the main symbolism perfectly. If the blanket represents liberty and security, then Snoopy could represent tyrants and oppressors trying to take them away. Comic 1

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After Linus makes a bet with his teacher about breaking a habit purely through willpower and loses, he has to give up his blanket. This shows the blanket as an item of high value, that would only be bet if the person betting it was sure he would win. It also shows that teachers are smarter than their students. comic 2

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This comic's symbolism can be seen in many ways. One would be more from Lucy's point of view, showing the blanket as something of an addiction, where Linus is overly dependant on his blanket and that she is helping him by getting rid of it. From Linus's point of view, Lucy could be interpreted as a thief or someone who destroys others pleasures out of spite. Comic 3
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The symbolism of this comic shows the blanket as a motivator, to help Linus perform better. It also shows that the weaknesses of the blanket are well overcome by its strengths. Comic 4
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This comic shows the blanket not only as a comfort tool, but a self defense tool as well. The line "They don't say very much!" shows that once again, the blanket makes up for its own weakness.

Linus's role in the community:
Linus's role in the community could be described as the kid who has a weird quality. However, when someone tries to point out a fualt of his strange quality, in this case the blanket, makes up for itself in various ways, physical or otherwise. Another role of his is the younger brother who never gets along with his older sister, allowing the cartoonist to point out the humor of a sibling rivalry.

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